Advertising ideas for a small family-run shop

If you run a small family shop, then you most likely lack a big budget for your advertising campaigns. However, certain affordable techniques might improve your visibility on the local market and contribute to the way in which you increase your profits. Highly appropriate for a small shop might be promotional tote bags, having high levels of functionality and increasing your shop’s visibility at the same time. Besides this idea, which you will find detailed below, we also have several others that do work.

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1. Promotional totes for marketing purposes

If you think the issue rationally, then you will shortly figure out that shopping totes might be the best advertising product in which you could invest as a small shop owner. While they will bear your shop’s logo on them and increase the awareness levels on the local market, your clients will also find them highly appropriate. A great marketing campaign would be to hand out customised totes as your clients leave the shop, for shopping of a certain amount, or even regardless of the amount. Make sure to invest in products of great quality, since no customer will appreciate a paper-thin tote bag that will certainly break until reaching their homes. Also, the quality of your logo must be a decent one, because you want to make sure that you invest in a smart advertising tool that will pay off even on long-term perspectives. You could try to invest bags of different sizes, and hand them depending on the amount spent in your shop. And, a pro tip when it comes to choosing your tote style: jute shopper bags have an amazing quality!

2.  Go online

Even if you are not the techiest business owner out there, you certainly know how to use social media platforms. A great way to reach closer to your clients is to create official pages for your shop. Facebook is a great platform with which to start. Use it to post about new improvements you bring to your shop, vacant jobs that appear, and this will leave your audience with the strong impression of a business highly involved in the local community. After all, your business does create some jobs!

3. Be different

Of course, you might not be the only local shop. But you must make sure that you differentiate yourself from the others also present in the same environment. Try to introduce promotions, great deals, and collaborate with different entities to find other local products, that might not be retailed in other shops. Maybe a new brand of craft beer will make your shop stand out from the others!

These are some effective strategies to advertise a small family-run grocery shop. Also, where are more than affordable, which means that you will have a great return of your investment. Make sure to create loyal customers with your original approach. Also, every time you order some promotional products, make sure to work with a reliable company, able to provide high-quality items.