Advices on what to check before buying an old house

When it comes to buying a house, an old apartment could be more attractive than a new one, if we look only at the money. But, to be sure that the acquired house worth all the money, we should keep in mind some advices given by the real estate professionals.

  • First, we must look at the appearance of the block of flats. The cycle of life of a building is about 30-40 years.
  • Another important element is the entrance. For example, if we enter the block and smells bad, it means that the basement is flooded and the drainage pipes are old.
  • Also, should be checked carefully the sanitation and electrical installations, heating station, pumping stations and boilers. If these are older than 10-15 years, these will have to be changed.

You should never buy an apartment in a building with problems at the structural frame. From a technical standpoint the most important thing is the structural frame of the real estate which must be in perfect condition.

You can find out about this thing from the town hall and then you must see if the building is on the list of thermal rehabilitation. The year of construction and the building structure are very important. The cadastre should be studied carefully to be sure that the owner did not change the original project without the necessary approvals, thus the structural frame of the building could be affected.

If you have decided on the house, another advice is to analyze carefully the property documents. The legal problems are related to the property acts of the real estate with all it derives from this: any compensation, inheritance, tasks of various types on that real estate. If you have called to a real estate agent, solving these problems is his responsibility (he is obliged to ensure the safety of the transaction), if not the best advice is to go with all documents to the notary.

Another problem would be the outstanding rates of the neighbors, because in these conditions, the risks to remain without water or heat during winter are high.