Are Still forklifts still the best quality trucks on the market?

Are Still forklifts still the best quality trucks on the market?


Whether you choose a new or a refurbished Still forklift, you can be sure that you’ll benefit from the best quality on the market. But how can you tell that they are truly great pieces of equipment for businesses in so many industries?  As many claim, Still forklifts do a better job than others, have a longer life span and require less maintenance interventions. Thus, they are more efficient from so many points of view than other mediocre ones are. However, we will find out in the following paragraphs what makes these pieces of equipment some of the best available on the market.

Great maintenance services, unlike other trucks

When it comes to the forklifts manufactured by this company, you can be sure that all the maintenance service will be provided by one of their trusty collaborators, which in all cases have dedicated and well-trained teams of technicians ready to offer their services for either new or refurbished trucks. Many offer planned maintenance services, as well as all-in maintenance services, which means that these particular forklifts will function properly for prolonged periods of time. Of course, the way in which each company cares for their pieces of equipment weights a lot in the equation, but these amazing facilities offered by retailers and refurbishing companies have a lot to say. Also, the additional services can be tailored so they fit each client’s needs and necessities, offering a reliable option to generic forklifts. However, make sure you collaborate with the right company for these services, since legal aspects might intervene if you do the maintenance work at unauthorised companies.

Longer life span than other trucks

In a strong relationship with the maintenance services offered by these amazing companies, we have the long lifespan with which these machines pride themselves. Manufactured using cutting-edge technology and perfect manufacturing components, they are highly appreciated even by large corporations. Also, the technology on which these machines are developed is far better than the one used by rival companies, which makes even refurbished pieces perfect for small to large enterprises in various industries. However, we strongly encourage those interested in these particular forklifts to search for reliable suppliers, especially for the refurbished ones. This way, you can be sure that you’ll have a piece of equipment that will work wonderfully for prolonged periods of time.

German quality and performance

Germans pride themselves with the exquisite quality of all things manufactured by them, especially complex pieces of equipment. Thus, if your business’ specifics ask for a reliable, highly performing tool, this manufacturer has you covered in so many areas. Unlike other manufacturers, they pay great attention the range of products they offer, so it covers a comprehensive variety, for diverse necessities their clients might have. Also, the components used for manufacturing them are some of the most appreciated in the industry. However, if you want to preserve the quality invested in this equipment, if would be advisable to only purchase from reliable suppliers, if you choose the refurbished alternative.