Benefits of advertising vacancies on a job portal

In the past years, human resources have been revolutionised by technology, as same as any other domain. When it comes to recruitment, it seems that the virtual space has become a popular tool used for selection, given the fact that online recruitment is now used by more and more HR people. This method involves the use of web based tools and systems, beneficial both for applicants and for those who need to advertise their vacancies. Online recruitment is basically made of two stages, promotion and selection, and while years ago these were done through traditional means, nowadays the virtual space has simplify things considerably. But how come that the technological contribution does not actually eliminate the “human” element from human resources, but rather streamlines the recruiting process? Here are some of the major benefits of using a virtual platform to select your people, which will help you understand how efficient e-recruitment actually is.

Who can job portals help you?

Job sites are online platforms enabling employers to port and advertise their vacancies. More than this, each promo also consists in the job description of the position (what the candidate is supposed to do if they get the job) and other relevant specifications (skill requirements, schedule, salary etc). This way, those who apply know exactly what they are signing up for, so you, as an employer, avoid wasting time and resources interviewing people who have nothing to do with your vacancy. In addition to this, these portals enable candidates from all over the world to create an account and access your opportunities. This is a great asset not only for companies that are trying to expand on foreign markets, but also for those who need to hire international employees. For instance, if you want to open positions for social work jobs UK to people from other countries, an online platform is exactly the tool you need. No matter where they live, those who have an account on the portal you use can see your offers and apply for the positions. This means that you can choose from a huge pool of competent candidates, so you have greater chances to select the perfect person.


Are resume scanners any good?

The second element of online recruitment is selection, which is done by the means of a resume scanner. This tool is a definite asset to employers, since it spares them the trouble of researching and reading the CVs of each and every applicant. The scanner streamlines the screening process, filtering applicants by the means of certain pre-defined criteria, established by the employer. Some of the most popular criteria are: qualifications, degree, skills, payroll and previous experience. This way, only those who come the closest to the profile of the perfect candidate can go on with the selection process. As a result, there are fewer interviews, so more time for HR people to focus on the applicants who are likely to become their future employees.