Benefits of joining a freight forwarding alliance

The forwarding industry has developed a lot in the past years, since the evolution of technology benefits international business and overseas merchandise shipping. However, in a world dominated by huge forwarding multinationals, independent transporters may find it difficult to get a good collaboration. Taking into consideration the fierce competition and this kind of issues small forwarders encounter on a daily basis, there are many dedicated alliances, offering great benefits to its members. In addition to this, they work as a mediator between different commercial points of the world, streamlining transportation and trading. In case you are thinking about joining a global cargo network, but you are still not convinced, read on to find out about the main advantages these provide to their members.

You have a wider market reach

As an independent forwarder, you probably have access to a limited number of clients, belonging to the local market. If you want to grow and reach new markets, you should think about creating a global brand, but this is not something you can achieve on your won. For this reason, you need to include your activity under a greater “umbrella”, and an international alliance seems the perfect choice. Besides providing you the possibility to become well known in the dedicated industry, these groups will also help you reach new markets and build strong relationships with other forwarding companies. The network’s name will work as a business card and your clients will know they are collaborating with a trustworthy and professional service provider.


You can establish strong partnerships

Given the fact that your image will be associated with a global brand, you will be able to have access to great contracts and important partnerships. Forwarding alliances are normally created in order to provide their members with all the support they need to expand and offer qualitative services, so as a member, you can take advantage of this, too. Cooperation and mutual support are the core values of a cargo network, which means that you are going to be trusted not only by customers but also by potential partners. For this reason, in order to become part of such an alliance, you need to meet certain criteria – these make you an eligible member that can offer support, in its turn.


You provide international services

If you are still an independent freight forwarder, you have probably noticed that it is practically impossible to become a global brand and get clients from other parts of the world. No one will trust you with their goods transfer, since they consider you a mere virtual company they only see online. This is why you have to become part of a cargo alliance first. As much as you try, as a company, you have certain limitations when operating on your own and one of the most important is related to marketing. However, if you become member of one of world’s global networks, you can forget about these limitations because you will be able to promote your services internationally.