Best teambuilding ideas for small companies

No matter the field of operations, teambuilding activities are an effective way of encouraging communication among employers and strengthening work relationships. Every once in a while, managers and employees should get together to know each other better, discuss outside a business environment and have fun. Teambuilding ideas are plenty and there are even companies that cater for such activities, but your range of options can be limited if you only have a small number of employees. If you are in this situation and would like to surprise your staff with something more creative than a picnic, barbecue, or trip to the local pub, then here are some great ideas to inspire you.

Football – fun and health benefits in one

Football is an easy choice – everyone knows a little bit about it and is willing to give it a try. In addition to being fun and promoting friendly competition, football is also known to have a number of benefits for one’s physical and mental health. Your employees can stay in shape, have fun and, at the same time, have social interaction and relieve stress. Don’t have enough employees for a classic game of football? Then you can try 5 aside, a version of the game where each team has only five players. If they like playing and they’re good at it, you can take things even further and enrol the team in one of the many 5 aside leagues in London and compete with other teams.

Room escape games

Mix problem solving and puzzles with a fun thematic location and you get room escape games – one of the hottest teambuilding trends of the past few years. The idea is simple: you create small teams of up to five people, lock them in a room for one hour and together they have to work out clues to find the key and get out. This activity is fun, thrilling and it also promotes teamwork and collaboration. For best results, decide the teams randomly, so that people who don’t usually interact get to interact with each other.


This idea might not be for extremely formal business environment, but if you are a small start-up and don’t mind having fun, then you should definitely give paintball a try. It might hurt a little, but it’s the perfect way to unwind, loosen up and get familiar with everyone. Make sure you only try paintball in designated locations wearing protective suits, so you don’t get hurt.

Organise a scavenger hunt

You can organise a scavenger hunt at the office, if it’s big enough to fit a lot of clues, go to the park or even rent a space for this teambuilding activity. If you want to play the classic version of the game, then hide just objects, but if you want to make it more challenging, you can make riddles or place QR codes around the perimeter leading to other clues. Don’t forget to set a rewarding prize!