Bookstore Business Ideas

Even if big box stores gather the majority of the boo retail market share, there is still place for several niche markets which can become profitable for a bookstore owner. The large variety of title found in big box stores can also be viewed as a weakness, because they basically are not specialized on a particular field and they don`t offer catalog depth. Therefore, the following bookstore business ideas can be successfully developed.

  • Out-of-Print and Used Books

Collectors in search of a certain book series or original edition are always a built-in market for bookstores that sell used and out-of-print books. Hardcover editions of bestsellers come in a few numbers, so they are more valuable than the cheaper softcover editions. If you put your collection of used and out-of-print books online, you can easily catch the attention of international collectors. Since they are looking for cheaper books for school support, students are another public for this kind of bookstore business.

  • Cookbooks

Cooking shows became very popular lately, elevating some chefs to a new level of celebrity. Famous chefs take advantage of their television popularity and frequently publish cookbooks, even several in a year. Box stores generally have only the newest release, while a bookstore specialized in cookbooks will provide the entire collection. You can organize book signings in your bookstore and even install a small kitchen demonstration area for the chefs to give live cooking classes and tell the secrets of their delicious recipes.

  • Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Every month, many devoted fans anxiously expect the next edition of their favorite comic book, so a profitable bookstore business can be all about comics. In addition to the monthly editions, many comic books come in anthologies every eight to 12 months. Comic book readers also appreciate award-winning, stand-alone storied released in hardcover. Along with the current comics, include a used section in your bookstore, as older comics sell great among collectors.

  • Religious Books

Regardless if you live in a religious diverse community or a singular faith one, you can develop a bookstore business based on religious books. You can also provide complementary products such as calendars, music, card, holiday decorations and ornaments. A way to promote your religious bookstore is to organize in-store lectures by authors and clergy.