Business Slogan Ideas

Meant to capture the essence of your business and call attention, your business slogan should be memorable, catchy and powerful. Either short or long, business slogans should be attentively chosen, as they must effectively define your business. The business slogan ideas below can help you find the right one for your company.

  • Make It Powerful

The majority of big companies have powerful slogans that require attention. For example, Canon`s slogan is “Know How”, a short, but powerful message. Even if this slogan has an ambiguous meaning if taken out of context, it becomes very significant when matched to the brand`s name, making us think about self-sufficiency and technology. Another simple, but powerful slogan is “Think Different”, used by Apple. This slogan speak directly to the consumer and encourage him to stand up from the crowd, just like the innovative products developed by Apple.

  • Make It Catchy

A catchy business slogan remains in the mind of the consumer, just like a song lyric. To come to a catchy slogan, you can use figures of speech and other play of words. For example, Nortel Network has a slogan based on alliteration: “Business without Boundaries. Other catchy slogans are: “Keeps Going and Going and Going (Energizer), “Impossible is nothing” (Adidas), “Grace, Space, Pace” (Jaguar), and “Buy It. Sell It. Love It.” (eBay).

  • Make It Persuasive

Persuasive business slogans want to convince you of something or refer directly to the company`s actions. For instance, Linksys`s slogan is “At Linksys We Are Making Connectivity Easier”, while MetLife uses a rhetorical question as a slogan, “Have You Met Life Today?”.

  • General Considerations

There are universal slogans, but also slogans created for a specific public. Samsung Electronics` “Imagine” slogan addresses to the general audience, while Xilinx`s “A Programmable Logic” slogan appeals the technology community. When you create a business slogan, it is essential to know to what audience you are referring to.