Consumer’s Trends

One of the worst moves in business nowadays is starting on the path that a part of the consumers’ market has already started.

The new wave of consumer’s trends may implicate businesses that are successful only temporarily because they rich the top of the business way to early, and the older businesses already existent on the market stagnate watching the rise of the “newcomers”. Don’t need to panic or to give up on the business, some business sell only brilliant pebbles and their success is only a matter of time until will appear other pebbles more glittering.


It is not recommended to adopt the new trend especially when is about a business that hasn’t got a good strategic plan, well planned thinking level in management and administration. It appears new product that evoke so much verve and desiring to co-opt a new set of clients or a new market never explored before, we often do many mistakes and we lose the existent ones.  In other words a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Not all changes are good and all involve great risks. Customers want change in the direction of improvement, but want, above all, the respect of a straight line in offering products and services existing in the company’s portfolio.

The compliance with the mission and setting the way from the beginning is a measure that we are not allowed to discuss and is an independent and unconditional rule in business.

Whatever consumers trends, changes brought to our products and services should be minimal, to not bother and to not give the impression of instability of the business we run. No matter how brilliant would a pebble, it cannot be successful long enough that enjoys a traditional market product, a product supported by teams of professionals, experts, even doctors, and so.

The viable solution to this problem is the need for awareness of entrepreneurs that business should not grow never very quickly. Fast increases come with big risks and endanger our entire business running. Consistent and reliable increases are those which will ensure long term success and a set of loyal faithful customers, who lead their buying decisions in a logical, rational, well-motivated way.

A business that we see having success it is not the one that appears at any consumers’ trend, it is one that needs time, and some other ingredients to pass the day and keep living for a long time.