COP9 tax investigations – what needs to be considered?

Tax investigations are known for causing a lot of stress to tax payers, and if you have become a target, then the chances are, there are some tax irregularities linked to you. Those who are aware of making illegal tax choices, have the possibility of accepting a COP9 offer, and paying penalties accordingly. What should you consider?

Do you need a tax investigation specialist?

The COP9 is certainly a serious issue, and before making any decisions or even contacting HMRC, you need to find an experienced specialist who has handled similar cases in the past and who can offer you some objective advice and guidance. With a professional by your side, who knows the law better than yourself, and has the expertise necessary to discuss with HMRC efficiently, your chances of saving your business, avoiding penalties and finding the best solution are much higher. You should never go through this process alone, because the repercussions can affect your business and even your life more than you can imagine.

Should you accept or reject?

When it comes to a COP9 investigation, it all comes down to the ultimate choice, deciding if you should accept or reject the offer. If for some taxpayers accepting is the logical thing to do, it may not be the same in your case. If you tax irregularities were not deliberate, and if you believe you have a chance of winning the case, then do not make any rushed decisions based on the fear of losing your business. Discuss with your forensic accountant, and together decide if you should admit or deny the tax fraud.


Before accepting or rejecting a possible offer, make sure to inform yourself about the penalties involved. The penalty for tax fraud can reach even up to 200 percent of the tax lost, depending on your particular situation. Discuss with a specialist, think about how high your penalties might be, consider other costly factors if rejecting the offer, and make the best decision for you, keeping in mind the professional advice received.

A COP9 tax investigation is a serious issue, and needs to be handled accordingly. When facing  this situation, you need to make the best decision for the future of your business, but if you know the fraud charges against you are not entirely true, then an agreement will not be the best choice to make. Discuss with your forensic accountant or tax inspection specialist and see what they advise you to do. Because the penalties can even push your business into bankruptcy, analyze your options with care, and decide wisely.