Crucial steps to make it big in the acting business

Crucial steps to make it big in the acting business

If you have always wanted to become an actor beside all the A-list actors, then you are not the only one. It is not surprising that the acting business is highly competitive and as a consequence it can be difficult to succeed in it. Even if breaking into acting and performance can be incredibly tough, it is not impossible. There is no magic formula, but there are a couple of crucial steps that you can take. Even if they will not guarantee your success, they will at least help you understand how to make it in the acting business.

Grasp what it means of being a professional actor

Acting basically implies a lot of hard work. The time you spent at stage de theatre Paris is nothing compared to the hours that you are going to spend on stage or behind the scenes. The truth is that you can spend about sixteen hours filming, so you have to think hard which is the kind of lifestyle that you want to live. Additionally, there is a lot of stress when it comes to working with the public, not to mention that your performance gets a lot of criticism from the public and of course critics. Other difficulties that actors are deal with on a regular basis are the difficulty of finding an agent, the lack of auditions, the difficulty of balancing work with the acting career, etc. Therefore, in order to succeed as an actor, you have to be fully committed to your career and embrace the lifestyle that it implies.

What your chances are

The statistics are in fact terrifying taking into account that 92 percent of the profession is out of work most of the time. What the figures do not reveal is the fact that there is an additional 8 percent that work continuously. Statistically, it is all about winning the lottery and the last thing that you want is to end up serially unemployed. The only solution that you have is becoming one of the 8 percent that works on and on.

Drama school or university?

There is a huge number of people that make it big without going to drama school. While some have never studied the art of acting, others choose to study at university. It is true that universities offer a constant stream of talent, but courses at minor universities and colleges are a waste of time and money. On the other hand, drama schools offer superb training and are constantly monitored by those in the profession. When they want talent, they look to drama schools first.

Get yourself an agent

A theatrical agent is well worth his weight in gold, but a bad one is detrimental to your career. Practically you will be waiting for him to get you a job and while you wait he will be earning 15 percent of your earnings. What you should do is approach any agent like you would approach someone at an interview. To be more precise, suggest that you are the real deal instead of unsuccessful. Since agents deal with thousands of applicants, you should prepare your approach.