Decorate your floral arrangements with ribbons

If you want to boost the sales of your flower shop for Valentine’s Day, then coming up with original and unique floral arrangements is more than necessary. With such a highly competitive market, you need to think of ways to make your arrangements and bouquets be more spectacular. With Valentine’s Day coming up, there are many decorating ideas that you can create with heart printed ribbons. Just by using your imagination and a few quality ribbons, you will be able to significantly increase the number of customers walking in your shop.

Flower baskets

The main thing that men think about buying for Valentine’s Day are flowers, and they always seek to purchase the most original and impressive arrangements. In terms of flower arrangements, flower baskets have become extremely popular and as a flower shop owner, you should have this type of arrangement at customer’s disposal. Making your flower baskets stand out is not that hard, if you use quality ribbons to decorate around the baskets. Use different colours and patterns for a more lively effect. You can also staple a heart shaped balloon on the basket or other decorative items. Make sure your basket is perfectly decorated for this occasion.

Exclusive and elegant bouquets

When it comes to floral arrangements, people’s tastes vary. Some are looking for more colourful arrangements, while others want something more classic and elegant. If you really want to boost sales, then you should meet any requirements a certain customer might have. For the more exclusive bouquets, silk or satin ribbons, usually red, white or pink, are the perfect choice for a classic, but stunning floral arrangement. Just cut the ribbon at an angle and wrap it around a circular paper box, add the flowers of your choice and you are finished. It is as simple as that, with the right ribbon you can create wonderful floral decorations and impress all of your customers.

Keep your arrangements diversified

With so many beautiful and qualitative ribbons to choose from, you can use your creativity to create one-of-a-kind arrangements. Make sure you exhibit in your shop a variety of decorated floral arrangements, to give your customers more purchase possibilities. Just find a reliable ribbon supplier, and buy as many ribbons as you want, make sure you have plenty of colours and patterns to choose from. Becoming one of the best in your branch is easy if you have imaginations, beautiful ribbons and fresh flowers.