Digital PR tips hoteliers have to try

Digital PR tips hoteliers have to try

People in the hospitality business often neglect the importance of PR. This is a big mistake because it helps get coverage. PR, or public relations, is all about the image of your hotel. It is about getting your message to the target audience and keeping your image consistent. You may be tempted to think that people perceive your business in a positive way, when in reality they do not. Fortunately, public relations can reshape perceptions. If you have not developed a strong PR strategy, it is time you did. PR, especially online PR, is very powerful. It can help you stand out from the crowd, which is a big deal considering how competitive the hospitality industry is. There are many ways you can maintain an upright position. It is advisable for you to leave the marketing efforts to experts like Yet, if you want to do things on your own, here are some tips for you.

Focus on social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have changed the way that people communicate. People no longer interact face-to-face, but on the Internet. Why should they not when it is so easy? You can use social media to your advantage. Social media can help you engage with guests and, ultimately, communicate your message. What you have to do basically is create positive content. Display your guests check-in photos, not news stories. People are no longer interested in boring stories. Another thing you can do is offer regular discounts.  What they want is to see that you genuinely care about the comfort and well-being of your customers.  

Write blog content

It should not come as a surprise that travel blogs are great lead tools for hoteliers. Blog content is easily found by readers, not to mention that travel blogs are regarded as go-to resources. If you have never written blog content, chances are that you do not know where to start. Before joining the blogosphere, figure out which your target audience is. The next thing you need to do is determine what kind of information they need. Last but not least, start writing. Another way to make sure that you are seen with the best travel blogs is to get sponsored stays. However, you work hard to enjoy such a privilege.

Make sure your website looks great

You can implement as many online PR strategies as you want, if your website does not look great, your efforts are in vain. Having a good website is key to an online presence. Your online platform has to look attractive and, most importantly, it has to facilitate navigation. The website is part of your brand, so make sure not to ignore it.

Get to know your guests

Do you really know who your guests are? The likelihood is that you do not. Even though you do not have all the time in the world, make efforts to create connect to people. Find out who they are, why they travel, and what matters to them. What do you do with this kind of information? You use it to improve the hotel experience.


If you feel that you are not up for this, get in touch with someone who can.