Do accident claims expire?

Do accident claims expire?

Unfortunately, the number of accidents has significantly increased in the past years, whether it is about car accidents, work accidents, slips and trips, medical negligence or any other type of such unhappy event. There are many questions people need answers for when they fall victims of accidents and probably the most popular one is whether or not accident claims have an expiration date. Considering car accident claims Wales, here is some very useful information to help you understand the process of forwarding a claim and what happens after that.


Make the claim as soon as possible

Being the victim of a car accident is definitely something that everyone wants to avoid, yet it may happen and when it does, it is essential you start the process of forwarding an insurance claim as soon as possible if you want to recover the amount of money and compensation you deserve. The sooner you do this, the higher the chances for you to succeed.

There is a limit period for submitting claims

It is worth mentioning the fact that there is a pre-established time limit of up to 3 years from the date you have suffered your accident for most claims and you can submit your claim at any date during this period. However, you should consider various important aspects, such as whether or not children were involved, since these can influence the process a lot. For best results, make sure you submit it as quick as possible.

Claims take time to settle

One very common question people have when it comes to accident claims is related to the amount of time it takes for these claims to settle. Truth is this only depends on the nature and the extent of the individual’s injuries and the circumstances in which the accident happened. On average, it takes from 18 months to 3 years in the case of personal injury claims for people to obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

The statute of limitations may expire

To answer the question in the title, the accident claim does not expire, yet the stature of limitations may either elapse or expire, although the amount of time for this to happen differs from one state to another. In case this occurs, you will not have the chance to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Look for a professional lawyer

It is best that if you are involved in a car accident you start looking for a professional and trust-worthy lawyer that has vast experience in this domain, because they can help you throughout the entire process to get compensated. Make sure you start an online research immediately and you look for the best lawyer on the market if you want to bet the maximum amount of money for the accident you have suffered. Keep in mind some essential criteria when searching for a lawyer, such as great communication skills, vast experience and knowledge in the field and client-oriented services.

All things considered, this is some valuable information that everyone who has been the victim of a car accident should keep in mind.