Do free samples really attract customers?

Sampling is taken for granted and many business owners consider they do not need them. However, offering giveaways is an intelligent marketing strategy that is the most effective when it comes to increasing the profits of a business. Giveaways help the company make its products known to the audience and consequently it can attract new customers. Even more interesting than this is the exact number of sales that a business can register after having given out samples. More precisely, product sampling agencies advise clients to offer giveaways because they have the chance to double or even triple their profits. While many business owners fear that they will waste money with the products given for free, they fail to realize that they do not have to include the entire population in the process. Can your business really thrive thanks to sampling?

Choose your target

You should not offer giveaways to just anyone. It is within the business’s interests to target the right audience in order to advertise the product and send the message of the company. In addition, samples do cost money and this is why it is important to concentrate on a certain market niche. To put it in other words, a market niche is a group of individuals that have the same age, gender, and marital status and live within the same geographic location. It is also important to consider if your company appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers to make the efforts worthwhile. Experts in marketing focus mainly on areas such as entertainment, health and beauty, the arts, etc. The point is that the company needs to reach the high volumes of consumers at a time.

What to give away?

This decision is a lot easier for companies that sell only one product. For the others, it is difficult to decide which of the products best represents the company’s message. In this case, it is important to diversify the samples and include both best-selling products and new ones. Even if in the beginning you have to make a substantial investment, it will pay off in time. The point is to manage to create a connection with the customer and giveaways are effective because they all shoppers like to try before they decide on buying. When choosing the product, you should consider giving away something that has value in the eye of the customer. This means that it does not necessarily have to be expensive to make an impression.

Benefits and challenges

The main benefit of offering giveaways is that you promote your business with minimum of investment. Giveaways are actually a specific type of marketing called experiential marketing. Experiential means that clients prefer to interact with the product before purchasing and this way you also reach to new customers as well. In areas such as wine retail or cosmetics, sales are said to have increased with 500%. On the other hand, you should carefully choose your niche and track the success of the product to have a clear idea of its effectiveness.