Does exquisite web design really matter?

Unsurprisingly, your website’s designs matters. but does it really matter the way web designers want us to believe? Well, would you care how good – or bad, for that matter – your business’ premises look? Our guess is that you would. Simply put, your clients will judge your company, products and services based on the first impression. And a good first impression is to make buyers more likely to buy from your company. And while you are very likely to hear this from a web designer, everybody who owns a beautifully developed website will back this information. Below we have some proof that will convince you that your website’s design matters.

What are the most common mistakes that can damage your website?

Growing a healthy website means that you have to pay increased attention to several aspects. Some of the most common mistakes that compromise a website are described below.

  • The website’s name is inappropriate;
  • The website lacks proper navigation aids;
  • The website has a busy and too complex layout;
  • The website has pop-up ads;
  • The website has a slow introduction;
  • The website has too much text;

These all are reasons for which users dismiss a website as a reliable source of information or the company as a reliable one. Also, 95% of the users claim that they leave the website within the first minute if it meets several of the above elements.

Visual appeal – does it matter?

Many respondents to various tests and research answered that they pay increased attention to the look and feel of the websites that they visit. This seems to matter increasingly, and design matters combined with responsiveness are two elements that make visitors stay or leave a website. This creative agency Thailand located claims that more and more clients ask what can be done in order to improve the visitor retention rates and the answer is a simple one: blend a good design with responsiveness and you’ll be one-step closer to your goal.

When the content becomes an issue

Too much content seems to also put off visitors and make them skip a certain website. Too much of it, and you have a difficult to process all that information. In order for a website to be desirable, you will have to provide the important pieces of information, as concise as possible and let the visitor contact the company for more information. Of course, having an FAQ page regarding your products and services always helps and it is, in fact, highly appreciated by all respondents, but you don’t have to have walls of content for a website to be desirable. This is a fault not many website owners realise that they do.

Take into account the information above next time when you decide to beautify your website. And make sure to discuss with a professional web design agency, as they can provide a higher quality in the process. Make sure to take into account the input of your website’s visitors. You can even organize a poll where visitors can pick what bothers them on your website.