Enhance customer experience with innovative salon booking apps

If you run a hairdressing business, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. The hairdressing industry has started to change together with almost all other industries and domains ever since mobile devices have emerged. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity to gain extra revenue. Your salon needs to keep up with the latest technology in order to survive on the highly competitive market. The unique and innovative features of salon booking apps can help you boost customer experience while improving some business aspects such as client management and inventory tracking. Here are the ways in which salons can use state of the art applications in their advantage.

Better organization equals quality service

Customers will love the fact that your hairstylists never miss an appointment and are always ready to receive them. Managing time and customers is probably the most challenging thing about this job, because people tend to forget about their appointments or wish to change the appointment time, making it impossible for the stylist to keep up with everyone. If this kind of problem persists, your employees will let booking errors slip by and you will have some angry customers to appease. Salon booking apps will allow hairstylists organize their schedule quick and easy without any errors. What is more, clients will receive notifications with the time they are supposed to turn up, decreasing the number of no-shows considerably.

Send automatic notifications and news

Using a salon app to send news of the latest products and services is an innovative way to promote your business and let customers know whenever something new emerges in the hair beauty industry. Push notifications are a truly ingenious way of announcing your clients that you introduced new products, bundles or even hour specials and beauty seminars. You can also distribute vouchers and coupons more easily with push notifications. Of course, you will need to plan your strategy well and avoid exaggerating with the notifications in order to enhance the overall customer experience.

Get feedback through surveys

Salon booking apps can also help you gain precious feedback from your clients. When working directly with people there is always room for improvements, so take this chance to improve your services and learn what your customers expect from a salon. Constructive criticism can be more helpful than you can imagine, not to mention that you can share the testimonials of delighted clients to attract others to your salon.