Help, Advice and Mentoring for a Small Business Café

Opening a small café can be very exciting, but it can be more difficult than you might think. It is extremely important to have a solid business plan to guide you through. Below there are some useful information regarding help, advice and mentoring for a small business café, so get inspired and start your café.

  • Accurate business plan

Make a detailed business plan about how you want to manage your business café. Create a mission statement that includes arguments for starting the café and the type of service you want to offer to your future customers.

The cost sections should include start-up, insurance, operational and marketing costs, but also expected profits. Make an accurate research about equipment, retail costs, as well as food and drink costs, because you will have an idea about this investment only if you use actual, realistic figures.

You should also know how you want to run the cafe. The number of employees you need depends on the size on the venue, the menu and the program of your café. Take into account that you may have to be present there daily to manage or help your employees.

When you need a small business loan, you definitely need a detailed business plan to convince investors to help you.

  • Logistics

Equipment required to open a business café includes display units, coffee machines, refrigeration units, ovens and a dishwasher. You can search for equipment in wholesale restaurant equipment showrooms or online. Remember that logistics costs take a large percentage of the start-up investment.

If you plan on buying used equipment, attentively inspect it to ensure it works well and respects the sanitary requirements. Equipment should be both safe and reliable in long-term.

  • Marketing

The success of your business café depends a lot on the way you promote it, so a great marketing strategy is a must. Advertise your grand opening with brightly colored posters, signs and decorations. Other marketing actions are offering free/discounted products, discount coupons, as well as free samples of food/coffee. Also advertise your business coffee online. You can buy email lists from marketing companies and send newsletters and promotions. Get creative and promote your café in original ways. If you are on a budget and you want to find some cheap marketing strategies, you should visit On this website, you will find countless business tips, strategies as well as innovative gadgets and apps that will help you manage your business easier.