How important is the experience in the success of a business?

The most part of the successful entrepreneurs have worked in the domain before, they had some small businesses and they grew them up, they have been worked in a major corporation and have learn how to run a business, or they have been done online trade via eBay and that helped them in developing the business. The lack of experience is an issue because the entrepreneurs see themselves in a lion arena with weapons, which unfortunately, do not know how to use.

This thing involve two aspects: the first one is that the inexperienced entrepreneur will be devoured by the lions, and the second is that he raises his weapons and learn how to use them on the road. This learning from the road is very habitual to many entrepreneurs from the business world. Some of them hold up, some of them don’t.

Some have the great inspiration to co-opt specialist people around them to help explaining the things and solving some aspects they do not know, which they cannot manage correctly. Others choose to not having that luxury and they go on this road of profits by themselves.

Entrepreneurs of all sizes and from any profile need two types of experience. The first is experience with business environment. It is recommended that you have had to deal with small businesses, small personal project. Thus already own some of the generality about running a business, developing a project, meeting deadlines, working with employees, suppliers and producers, profits, debts and so on.

The second type of required experience is strictly related to the field in which you operate. You already want or start a business in fashion design and the field experience to be working as a fashion designer or an assistant will give you one major advantage. Unfortunately, too few are choosing to spend a year of life before starting the business for strictly gaining experience before throwing themselves into the lions’ cage.

How important is experience in the success of a business? I would say a lot.

Of course there are another ways how you can achieve some experience and that is by reading, by informing yourself about everything related to the business and  research about the clients will and a lot of another staff.

The only way to success is through experience, so if you want to start a business you have to learn from the best and that is why we recommend you to get a job for a period of time in this domain.