How not to dismiss your employees

Our employees are not some pawns that can be removed from the game any time we want, they are the motor of the business, the future and they have a big role in gaining the reputation of the company, gaining the respect of the clients. In order for that to happen, they need motivation, we have to prepare them offering workshops, teambuilding and a lot of support so they can progress professionally and succeed.

Employers and responsible managers do not always respect the values ​​and strong principles when they lay off employees and this will be seen in the smooth running of the business.

Marketing “from-mouth-to-mouth” or Word of Mouth Marketing is a tool so powerful through which promotes the image of a business or set of products and services and reputation among of tens, thousands and million other potential consumers.

The problem is not only good news go, but bad news and bad opinions, those reviews that remove our future employees and potential customers.

When you consider it appropriate and the time to fire an employee is recommended to proceed to full objectivity and fast, without delays and especially without heated discussion on the unimportant reasons. You do not have to come with reproaches and criticism, and confuse the employee to grow apart from the field in which he worked before. If it is not made ​​to be a good telemarketer, to discover it was appropriate since the first week when he entered the field with your company, not months or years.

Secondly, you should not delay the employee’s dismissal but to communicate him from time to give a respite to put order in his professional life. Any delay only makes them lose precious time that could exploit in a company that could occupy a stable position.

Redundancies are not good news for any of the camps. We have invested in employees, employees lose their job and the situation should become even bleaker than it is already. Facilitating with success the employee termination process must be found within the set of skills and competencies of a good manager or a true entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs do not give much importance to this aspect of the business, but they should because avoiding the way how not to dismiss the employees has to do with the reputation of the company, and yours as the one who runs it.