How to Close a Business Deal on the Golf Course

It’s well known the fact that only rich people play golf. Rich people make money through their human networks that support their businesses. Playing golf with a potential investor can create a special bonding that is beyond the rational explanation. He will prefer a man who he can have fun together with and share the same passion for golf. Just like politicians have the rule of not talking politics on the golf course, the same thing applies with the businessmen. Politicians would not like it when their partner would suddenly start talking about politics.

How to approach the subject

A golf game usually lasts a few hours which is plenty of time to talk and to get to know a man’s personality. A great way to start a conversation is by talking about the best golf equipment, as this is the type of discussion that any golf player enjoys. Start by doing some research on best 2015 golf rangefinder reviews and impress your business partners with your knowledge of the latest rangefinder models. If you actually own a state of the art rangefinder show your partner how it helps you.

Giving the fact that golf is a game that is played in the most beautiful surrounding scenery ever, you should know that your partner already has a tendency of being optimistic. Don’t ruin his perception by showing him that you are too eager to talk business on the golf course. The best approach that can lead to closing a business deal on the golf course is to concentrate the entire game on building a strong network with your business partner and not talking about business in the beginning of the game. Instead of talking business with your partner you can invite him to dinner after the game. You don’t want to risk and put him in a sensitive position. Regarding the fact that he cannot end the conversation by leaving the golf course, you should pay a lot of attention to the time when you bring business in the discussion.

Tips for closing a business deal on the golf course

You must arrive on time on the golf course, you must not be too competitive but show good golf skills. It must appear that you have an idea of what you’re doing. Compliment your strategical partners. Show them you know how to handle yourself under pressure – if someone upsets you then address it nicely with a warm smile. It’s good to show respect for the etiquette of the game by repairing divots on the course, raking bunkers and ball marks on the greens. Provide your guest an enjoyable time with a proportional challenge. The purpose of the game is not to win but to create connections. Don’t drink alcohol unless your future business partners drink too.

What is important on the golf course

If you want to impress your business partner to-be you should concentrate on your reactions. He will pay attention not necessarily on your golfing skills but on your personality, reactions, integrity and intuition too. People who succeeded to close a business deal on the golf course pay attention to their behavior. They show the others that they have sense of humor and strong social abilities.