How to cooperate with critics

We all hate to be criticized, even when they are able and totally have all the reasons to do that. Some people get motivated when they are criticized because they want to prove them wrong, and some others do not accept them at all.

First of all, any subordinate should take their safety measures to not reach this point to get the unfavorable criticism and complaints. But at the same time, no man is made to fulfill their professional activities in full perfection, without mistakes or delays in optimal synchronization with the rest of the employees.

The most difficult subject is not the existence of complaints of bosses against employees, but the manner in which they are treated. Let’s think of the ideal model of employee in the eyes of employers. There will certainly be people who fully meet their requirements stipulated in the job description, want quickly and efficiently model high performance and behavior at work.

Seem to us many requirements, but in fact all are realistic. The employers require that must be required for business and prosperity when irregularities occur between expectations and what is offered, sources of conflict is created if there is good interaction between the two sides.

First of all, supervisors must have the ability to offer constructive criticism, not a negative one, which brings no advantage for either camp. Then, the feedback provided should be treated properly by subordinates.

Contractual agreements and the protocols should be followed in both directions. In the same extent that employees are willing to respect the rights and be given the promised benefits, as employers want and meet the requirements and rules are required at start collaboration.

The staff that has to do with constructive feedback must take necessary measures to straighten mistakes, to improve their progress, to automotive to repair the situation.

You will have to judge at cold and critical dissatisfaction with the manner in which you conduct the activity at work and set specific sources and how these problems can be avoided in the future. Nothing is more annoying than a mistake that is repeated and an employee who does not seem to follow tips and rules of the employer.

The solution is to focus on activities for which you are responsible and receive regular feedback to measure progress or setbacks can. Talk openly with superiors and explain where errors occur in carrying out your activity and ask them where you can get help.

Nobody will help you go to accomplish good work because you are tired, but supervisors will help if you are real and based on requirements, which will motivate the existence of mistakes.