How to decorate a rural flower shop

We might live in a modern, fast moving world, but people are somehow still fascinated by the magic of flowers. Opening a flower shop can actually be a highly lucrative business idea if you know how to choose the location and develop a customer-focused ethos. Rural florist shops seem to be the most popular ones, especially in big cities, where people want a breath of fresh air and an alternative to hi-tech shopping centres. Follow these three tricks to achieve a unique rural feel in your flower shop.

Use quaint decorations


Decorations are the heart and soul of any shop that aims to attract customers and provide them with a beautiful shopping experience. Because the entire space will be taken up by flowers, you should keep your decorations quite subtle, because you don’t want to create the illusion of a crowded space. Choose pastel colours such as baby pink, light blue and ivory. Ribbons are also great, because they take up little space, plus they double up as accessories for bouquets. Check out these products on to get some ideas on which ribbon works best for florist shops.


Invest in vintage hardwood furniture


Worn and rugged hardwood furniture is perfect for rural flower shop because it gives the illusion of a rustic, welcoming place. You best bet would be to go to local flea markets and antique shops to buy a counter, table and chairs. They don’t need to be in perfect condition, because you can restore them afterwards, but they should have metal hardware and get close to the charm of provincial décor. Stay away from modern, Ikea type furniture, laminate or chipboard, because it will affect the overall look.


Give the shop a homely, vintage feel


When designing a rustic florist shop you want to stay as far as possible from modern or minimal decorations. Instead, you should aim to add personality to it by using accents such as mason jars, ladders, vintage paintings and boxes. Old flower vases and pots are also a great idea. When decorating, you can take inspiration from the DIY recycling projects on Pinterest and turn old metal buckets into subtle accents. The key to adding a rustic feel without making the place look unkempt for is to recondition the venue beforehand, especially the walls, which should be as clean and simple as possible. Also, make sure there isn’t any mould or water damage.