How to organize a meet the buyer event

How to organize a meet the buyer event


“Meet the buyer”(MTB) events give buyers and businesses the opportunity to present their necessities and the services that could come in help within fifteen minutes. An event like that is necessary in order to create opportunities for suppliers and buyers. This environment will be competitive, but also fair. These sessions will help all the people involved to achieve something and this is why it is important to organize a successful event. Here is what you need to know about the steps you need to follow through this process.

Think about the structure of the event

This is a very important aspect you need to consider. The structure of Supplier meets Buyer events should make the sessions be beneficial for all the participants, making sure that bidders are upheld. The most important thing you need to do in order to have a successful event is to hold it at the beginning of the acquisition process. Promoting the event before you hold it is extremely important, as people will know about it, where it is held and who it is going to come. The process in which suppliers offer their services to the potential buyers can be challenging. The idea is to hold the” meet the buyer” event before this process. This will increase the opportunity of selling and marketing the products and services. These types of events are very useful because they provide information and pieces of advices that will help the bidders be successful.

Participating buyers and suppliers will have fifteen minutes available to present their needs and solutions for them. The meeting has to be that short, in order to make time for further discussion. Between each meeting, there will be a five minutes break. You can organize this type of event even for one buyer who wishes to address to potential clients for one project. These events are very advantageous, as people can meet the potential buyers while keeping an eye on the competition. You can also get more details about other projects. It also provides many benefits, by building a trusted network. Furthermore, offering samples of products can be a good strategy to attract clients.

Briefly, organizing a MTB is not hard, as long as you take your time to follow all the necessary steps. Remember to advertise your event and to be careful with its structure. Organizing a “meet the buyer” event is very important if you want to create opportunities for suppliers and contractors.