How to Promote a Boat Rental Business

How to Promote a Boat Rental Business

The tourism industry has always been very profitable, especially nowadays when travel seems to have turned into a religion due to the wondering nature of the millennial. However, this doesn’t mean that any tourism related business will run smoothly without requiring any guidance or marketing strategies. Today we will talk a little about boat rental businesses, and some effective ways in which these businesses can be promoted.

1. Be active on social media

As we already said, the millennial have a lot to do with the recent growth of the tourism industry. A lot of this new popularity is owed to social media platforms, where young people share all there traveling experiences, from the accommodations to the activities that they engage in. As such, as the owner or the manager of a boat rental business, you should be very active on social media. Moreover, you could offer a discount to the clients that share their boating experience on their accounts. You can also contact influencers and offer them special deals or even money in order to mention your business to their millions of followers.

2. Learn how to tell good stories

Being successful on social media is not as easy as sharing some random pictures. First of all, you need to learn a thing or two about photography, because the right picture can become viral overnight. Moreover, while a picture is worth a thousand words, this doesn’t mean that you should be cheap with words. Add a blog section to your website and start telling stories about the places around your business. Share maps of the surrounding areas, and make your customers burn with the desire to explore those places by boat.

3. Use the right promotional items

If you are willing to invest a little money in promotional items, make sure to use the right ones. Instead of flyers or business cards, invest in the right promotional items that people will actually want to use. Forget all about caps or t-shirts as no one is going to want to wear your logo in public. However, if you provide your clients with the useful products, they will surely keep them and use them for a long time, thus becoming a sort of ambassadors for your brand. A smart idea would be to invest in custom floating keychains. Print your logo and your company name on the keychain and give it to your clients as a sign of appreciation. The floating keychain will be very useful for them throughout the entire vacation, as they will want to protect their keys when they are at the beach. This way, your logo and messages will also be seen by other people who might be interested in renting a boat. Floating keychains are cheap, versatile and very useful, and you should also consider one for the keys of each boat that you own.