How to Start a Cut Flower Business

The biggest wish that everyone has is to start a business of their own that will have success, and to never have to work for someone else ever again.
For all the green thumbs out there a cut flower business is the ideal domain to go in, and if you are interested in starting one, read the following lines to find out how you can start one.


To start a cut flower business you don’t need to invest a lot in equipment, because there isn’t much of it to invest in. All you need is a low powered tractor, rototillers, and irrigation equipment, things that any vegetable grower might already have. This is very lucky for anyone who enters this business, because other business branches make you invest large amounts of money before you get started, and if the business fails, you will be left with useless devices, appliances, and equipment, and no profit. If you plan on growing flowers in a greenhouse, we advise you to also invest in the best led grow light kits, so that your flowers can benefit from light all year long. With an adequate greenhouse temperature and sufficient artificial light, you can even grow your flowers in the wintertime. Moreover, the best led grow light kits are very easy to install and quite affordable. Furthermore, led lights are considered to be the best artificial growing lights.


When you start your but flower business, it’s wise to contact all the florists, the wholesale markets, and the farm markets to find out who is interested in collaborating with you.
This way you get to focus on your flowers, on growing as many as possible, without having to worry about selling them yourself.
Freshness is the most important factor when it comes to cut flowers, so make sure you talk with businesses in your area to sell them the flowers if you want them to keep asking for your services.
If you have a lot of different species of flowers, and you are willing to make good deals for them, you will certainly have success with selling them. After all, in this business the most important thing is to have loyal clients, and the only way you keep them coming to you is if they are satisfied with the product you offer them.

The best species to plant

The most important decision you have to make is what flowers you should plant for maximum success.
To make sure your choice is the best one, don’t only go for beautiful and popular flowers, but go for species that will last you through the winter as well, this way not needing to take a three month break every year.
The best choices for the harsh winter time are ivy and rosemary. They are easy to grow, they aren’t pretentious, and they keep you working in the harsh weather.
Make sure to have tulips and roses in your production, because they are a very popular option for any buyer.
Other flowers which you must plant in order to have variety and success are dahlias, peonies, lily, sweat peas, gladiolus, dianthus, and any other species you can think of, because the more you have to offer, the bigger the demand will be.