Ideas for a Concession Business

When you say concession stands, you usually think about hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, funnel cakes and cotton candy. But there are also concession stands that surprise you with gourmet, restaurant-style food, international cuisine or foods you don`t generally expect to find in a trailer. If you are looking for ideas for a concession business, below you can find some interesting examples.

  • Fancy

The general perception about concession stands is that they offer cheap finger food. But some concession businesses, such as Levy Restaurants in Minnesota, prove us wrong by offering crab cakes and sirloin directly from the trailer. In order to make a difference, provide food that people don`t expect to find at a concession stand.

  • Healthy

A concession area is also associated with unhealthy food that contains a lot of fat, salt or sugar. In order to stand from the crowd, start a concession stand which offers healthy foods such as salads, fresh fruit cups, yogurt, smoothies and nuts. You can take things a little further by coming up with a signature specialty. Just get creative and combine some raw food recipes.

  • International

There are many international concessions which became a preferred form of dining. For example, Cazamance serves African food such as Moroccan lamb sausage with sweet tomato relish, while the G`Raj Majal provides tasty Indian foods. A gelatto stand can be the perfect choice for the ones who want to taste an Italian dessert, while a crepe concession stand reminds of the famous Parisian delicacy.

  • Fun

Add fun to your concession stand and customers will be attracted by your originality. For more fun, provide giant donuts and cupcakes in multiple flavors and toppings, as well as upscale sno cones filled with finely shaved ice and covered with tasty syrups and creams. You can also serve gourmet cheesecake custard. Remember that creativity and originality are keys for having an attractive concession stand.