Industrial shelving safety tips – what experts say

Industrial shelving safety tips – what experts say

As a warehouse owner, you need to ensure that everything from pallet racking systems to the way your employees do their job is in perfect order. There may be different types of racking and shelving systems installed in your warehouse, but have you ever wondered whether or not they are safe? Regardless the industry in which you operate, you should consider industrial shelving safety a matter of serious concern. Here is what experts in the domain have to say about this and how you can improve shelving safety.

Select a professional racking company

The first thing you have to do to ensure all the racks and shelves are safe to use is to ensure the racking company you select from the very beginning has many years of experience in this domain and guarantees you products and services of the highest quality. By resorting to professional services from the very beginning chances for work accidents to happen are significantly reduced.

Have professionals to install the shelving systems and check them regularly

Another very important tip that experts in the domain provide warehouse owners with is that the latter ones should totally avoid having some of their employees to install the shelves and racks themselves, but to opt for professional installation services. Most companies that provide industrial shelving units also offer installation services, so you should discuss this aspect with the specific company the moment you decide to resort to their products. Also, you should have those professionals check your shelving systems every once in a while to ensure they are in perfect condition and that they are not damaged in any way.

Do not exceed the recommended weight per shelf

Each industrial shelving system has a specific weight that can support, but in many cases people do not take this aspect into account and they tend to overload the shelves, which is a huge mistake. There is a reason why shelves should not be overloaded and that is because their stability can be seriously affected. In order for the shelving system to be properly maintained and to be able to use it for as long as possible, it is mandatory that you do not exceed the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer. What is more, you should also ensure that the load is placed squarely and evenly onto the shelves to extend the shelves’ lifespan.

Train your employees

Last but not least, another safety tip you should consider is to send your employees to some safety training courses in order to learn how to properly use industrial shelving systems and how to take care of them in order to extend their lifespan.

All things considered, it is essential that you keep these useful expert safety tips on industrial shelving in mind if you want to ensure that your racks and shelves are well maintained and safe. Before going with a specific racking company, you should first do some quick online research to learn more about the companies in your region that provide this type of services and to make sure you choose the best one.