Is hiring freelancers advantageous for a small business?

If you are in need of new talent, but your company can’t exactly afford to hire someone new, freelance services might be just what you needed to grow your business, without having to make any compromises in terms of costs of personnel. Considering that freelance hiring is more popular than ever and there are so many websites where freelancers offer their services, here are just a few reasons why this is a viable solution for any small business:


As nice as it may feel to have full-time staff working for you, not to mention that feeling of family and camaraderie that often appears between co-workers, often times it is much more financially-healthy for a company to hire freelancers for a particular project. Freelancers work from their own home, so there is virtually no overhead cost that you have to worry about. You don’t have to offer them a desk in your office or a computer to work at, not to mention that the costs of hiring a freelancer are much more advantageous as well. You won’t have to pay any other expenses with that person aside from the initial price you have established for that particular project. In addition, you don’t have to invest in any type of training, because the person you hire is already qualified to do the work you need.


Immediacy and flexibility

All good freelancers know that they are more likely to build a positive reputation if they meet their deadlines, so you can always expect to receive your project sooner rather than later. Freelancers do not have time to waste on office politics or water-cooler conversations, they will get the job done promptly and correctly. Since most freelancers decide to go into this business because they want to set their own hours, this could also benefit your company, as they can often do their work outside of your regular business hours. This is why you can often email your freelancer the list of assignments Friday evening and discover they are ready on Monday morning. They get their payment, you receive your work and everybody is happy!



One of the neat things about freelancers is the fact that they get to work with all kinds of people and thus accumulate new knowledge and experience with every project they complete. This type of experience could be very beneficial for your company, as you won’t have to spend valuable company time and money to train an employee before he becomes a valuable contributor to the success of your company. Even though you may have to offer them clear specifications of what you expect, you will also have time to focus on your own problems and get the rest of the tasks done in time.


These are the main benefits that hiring freelance services could bring you. Any company should balance the number of full-time employees they hire as well as the number of projects they offer to freelancers, but upon careful consideration they will soon discover that that freelancing definitely offers some undeniable advantages.