Let’s Talk Enterprise App Development for iOS

Let’s Talk Enterprise App Development for iOS

Every day, legions of iOS mobile app developers head off to work anticipating long days of creativity and, in some cases, software genius. They create the apps that make our iPhones and iPads work without us having to think too hard about it. But what exactly are they producing above and beyond the consumer-focused apps most of us are familiar with? They are producing enterprise apps for a growing number of companies of all sizes.

According to a January 2016 press release from Apple, the first two weeks of last year generated more than $1 billion in sales on apps and in-app purchases. Their App Store generated some $20 billion in revenues in 2015, propelling it to new records that amazed even Apple executives. But behind all that activity is the undercurrent of enterprise applications that should form the basis of revenue growth for the future.

iOS for Enterprise Retail

Among the many enterprise-level opportunities for the typical iPhone or iPad app developer is the concept of electronic point-of-sale (POS) applications. The American retail sector is pushing for modern POS systems that do not rely on legacy cash registers and double entry accounting systems run in the back office. They want all-in-one solutions that are fully integrated. Thus, the retail sector offers an excellent example of the demand for enterprise apps.

Several very good POS solutions are already available for the iOS platform. With any one of these solutions, retail business owners can:

  • ring up sales on the floor
  • track customer preferences
  • track inventory levels
  • automatically order when inventory gets low
  • aggregate sales and marketing data
  • automatically update accounting with each sale.

The things listed above only scratch the surface. For example, some of the best POS applications make it possible for retail outlets to interact with customers while on the floor, based on where those customers are. For example, a regular customer known to buy a certain brand of clothing can be alerted to a sale as he or she approaches a display carrying a particular brand. The system sends an alert to the customer’s smartphone to get his or her attention.

Endless Enterprise-Level Opportunities

The iPad or iPhone app developer looking for steady work can rest assured that the number of opportunities for enterprise level software is nearly endless. While market saturation may be rearing its ugly head at the consumer level, companies are demanding new apps at an astonishing rate. The demand for enterprise apps in the retail sector is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some estimates suggest that more than half of U.S. companies will be using more than ten dedicated apps to run their businesses by the end of this year. Some of those apps will be aimed at the workers who run the company from behind the scenes while others will be customer focused. The point is this: there will be a demand for enterprise-level apps as long as companies are depending on mobility as a tool for conducting business.

Enterprise-level app development is where the real growth in mobile apps will occur over the next few years. Any Android or iOS developer looking to make a real difference in 2017 will give a lot of attention to enterprise projects. From the retail sector to entertainment to information technology, those developers capable of creating the enterprise-level apps their customers need are the ones that will thrive in the years ahead. Those that cannot compete for enterprise projects will have to fight it out at the consumer level.