No win no fee accident claims explained


If you have sustained an injury at your workplace then you are entitled to file an accident claim. This may seem straightforward, and you definitely are aware of your legal right in this case. However, in the majority of cases, people do not file a claim, because they consider it an expensive process. Also, you may not know if you should file an accident claim, because you may not be sure that the accident was your fault or not. To solve this dilemma, it was introduced the “No Win No Fee” claim. Now you may ask yourself what is a no win no fee claim? It offers you the possibility to obtain the compensation, even if you do not have money to pay an upfront fee to hire a solicitor. In case you experience a workplace accident, you can hire a solicitor who is willing to take your case without asking you an upfront fee.

What No Win No Fee means?

This type of claim was designed with the purpose to offer people in your condition the possibility to work with a specialist in case you experience workplace or car accident injuries. If the law firm or solicitor will not win the case for you, they will not ask you a fee. When you get this type of agreement from a law firm or solicitor, you are sure that they are willing to offer you this service and cover the legal aspects of your situation. You will not have to incur any upfront costs. The solicitor is the one that takes the risk, and they expect you to pay them a success fee if they will manage to win the case.

What to expect when you meet the solicitor

When you get in touch with the No Win No Fee solicitor, they will first assess your situation and will check the documents associated with the case. You should know from the beginning that they would go over every one of the details of the case, because they will take it only if they consider that they are able to win it for you. And you should expect this, because they are taking the risk, and they can lose. If they will not manage to win it, then you will not pay them. In case the solicitor decides to take on your case, then they will discuss with you all the details, and they will clearly explain what the process implies. You should ask them questions and discuss with them your concerns.

What else should you know?

In case the injury claim will be successful, you will recover the major portion of your legal costs from the insurance company. You will contribute to the compensation the percentage you agreed upon the CFA. In case the claim would not be successful, you will pay the amount you agreed when you signed. You have to make sure from the beginning that you are able to pay the costs you signed for, because you may not have to pay the solicitor’s fee, but you may have to pay the miscellaneous expenses, the court costs and other similar fees.