Out of the box pieces of advice for business people

Out of the box pieces of advice for business people


Believe it or not, despite their good financial situation, business people are some of the most stressed people, due to the fact that the industry where they activate is quite demanding. What is more, the responsibility is so huge that everything they do affects a large category of people, starting with employees and ending with partners.

However, if you are part of this world, you definitely know exactly what we are talking about. But, business advisers say that sometimes it is highly recommended to stop giving importance only to the greatest problems, but also to the smallest one. If you solve the smallest issues, step by step, you can deal with the biggest one.

No. 1 – Impress your business partners

It may seem like a difficult thing, but if you apply a few rules, you can achieve good results. For example, the most important one is treating them with respect. Do not try to cheat or lie because you may lose your credibility.

However, if you find some trustworthy partners, you should also find a way to keep them. The greatest challenge is to gain their trust. Allow them to see that you are really trying your best and do not believe that this is a weakness gesture. Also, another out of the box peace of advice is to let them see the human version of you.

Not only the gladiator who is fighting for closing a profitable deal. For example, you can ask your partners to join you for dinner one day. Invite them eating in a fancy restaurant and ask them to talk about their hobbies. Or if you think that such elegant atmosphere will not make them feel relaxed, another good idea is to go for something different such as a day at the spa, a walk in the park or, why not, a weekend at the mountains. The fresh air would help them clear their mind and see the things in a more optimistic way.

No. 2 – Impress your employees

Despite finding some trustworthy partners, another important step is finding loyal employees, a thing which is not easy at all. It is difficult to make them feel motivated, due to the fact that the youngest ones are interested in getting a bigger salary. But if you treat them with respect and you make them feel special, they would change their attitude when it comes to company. Another interesting idea is offering them, from time to time, corporate gifts. If you do not have any clue, here are some suggestions.

List of corporate gifts that you can offer your employees:

  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Printed t-shirts (with the company logo)
  • Calendars
  • Cups used for coffee or tea
  • Umbrellas
  • Glasses

But, be careful when you offer these gifts. For example, one of the greatest mistakes is discriminating. None of your employees should feel neglected. Also, make sure that you get to know their preferences. One of the most important details is related to colors. Usually, the experts recommend using the colors of the company for personalizing the corporate gifts.