Printing designs for gift T-shirts: what to choose

Printing designs for gift T-shirts: what to choose

Most people agree that one of the greatest gifts you could make a dear friend, a work colleague or a family member is the printed T-shirt. This is the kind of present through which you can spell out the idea of care and consideration and through which you could show the person in question that you really know what he or she really is about, simply by making a good choice when it comes to design. In fact, this is the detail that sets this gift apart from others. Because you have full freedom to choose the right design or the t-shirt that will be made a gift, this aspect should be considered more attentively. You should take some time, study your custom t-shirt printing Ottawa options and only after make a decision, no matter how simple everything might seem at first. Just to offer you a helping hand, here are three design options definitely worth taking under consideration.

Funny, yet true messages

A t-shirt, like any other clothing piece needs to make you happy. It should put a smile on your face the moment you take it out of the closet and fantasize about wearing it. A message, beautifully printed on the t-shirt could be that detail that brings a smile on your face. It can be something including the highly popular phrase, “keep calm”. This is something everyone knows and appreciates, so, if your friend has a sense of humor, choose this message and add something funny after the keep calm phrase. Other ideas are more than welcomed and dedicated companies should have lots of alternatives to offer you. Just choose the message that makes you smile and that you think defines your friend.

Fantasy inspired designs

There is no question about it, fantasy movies and TV Series are really appreciated. Everyone has seen the already classic Games of Thrones or the incredible Harry Potter series. Whatever your favorite might be, you should really consider a design inspired from these movies, especially if you know that your friend appreciates them just as much. Messages like “Winter is coming” made gift somewhere in late autumn do appear as rather inspired gifts. This way, you could be slick and funny at the same time. Fantasy inspired messages seem to work like a charm lately, so you might want to offer them the attention they deserve.

Embroidery: a different kind of design

This is one service that women appreciate greatly. Embroidery is a service they hold dear to their heart. With the right chosen designs, embroidery becomes the art of creating delicacy, strength, style and elegance. For instance, to achieve a royal, strong look maybe a design inspired from the capes of kings and queens could be an idea. The same idea could work if you want to achieve a flawless style, a highly sophisticated one.

The idea with T-shirt design is to always keep your options open. Consider the person who will be receiving the gift. It is very important that the design matches the personality of the receiver. Insights always help, so keep in touch with the printing company to be sure that the right design is selected.