Pros of getting a polygraph test when owning a company

Pros of getting a polygraph test when owning a company

When having a business you try to offer your clients the best products and services on the market to be sure that you remain in their top of options. But you are not the only person who works in your company, your employees are the ones who provide the services for you, and there are cases when they are not completely committed to their jobs. In case you notice that, your customers send you negative feedback you should consider evaluate the services provided by your employees. You can simply ask them if something went wrong in the last period, but they might not tell you the true, so you should consider collaborating with a company like, to offer you a polygraph test. In case you are not decided yet if this is the best option, here are the main reasons more and more companies are choosing it.

They are useful and accurate

When you discuss with your employees you will not be able to state if they are lying to you or not, because some people are quite good at acting and you will not be able to notice if something is wrong. However, when you hire an experienced examiner to hold the test for you the accuracy of the answers will be between 75% and 95%. When you think at it, you will realise that even 75% is enough to see if your employees are committed to your company or not.

Detects dishonesty

There are not few the cases when one of the company’s employees has stolen money or important documents. If they are dragging your bank account you will not be able to continue your work, and you will lose all you earned in years of hard work. Also, it is very important to keep the company’s confidentiality, because you might have developed an innovative product or service and your competitors might strive to reach to it. You can avoid this situation by having a polygraph test to see if your employees are trustworthy persons or not. Even if you will not get a 100% accurate answer, you will be able to see if you should continue to collaborate with some of them or not.

An essential test when hiring

When you hire you have to be sure that the persons who will become a part of your team are reliable, and you can trust them the secrets of your company. But how you can find out what type of persons they are? It would be too expensive to investigate every one of the candidates, and you should not waste your money and time on such actions. You have the option to ask every one of the candidates to take a polygraph test provided by your company in collaboration with a qualified examiner. In this way, you can talk with the examiner and state him what aspects are important to you, and he will take care to offer you reliable and accurate results, which would help you decide easier.