Road trip check list – Three things you shouldn’t forget about

Road trip check list – Three things you shouldn’t forget about


Summer is for travelling and discovering amazing places. So, most likely, you are looking forward to making an action plan for the upcoming incursion on your list. If you are new to the whole road trip experience, then you need some advice from professionals. And this all starts with investing in a vehicle appropriate for road trips. Edmunds claims that Nissan Juke may indeed be perfect for all your road trips. However, below we have a small road trip check list you should take into account when preparing.

1. The perfect car

The Nissan Juke is the perfect option when it comes to travellers, due to a series of features incorporated into it. It beautifully combines some extra luggage space with fuel economy and increased passenger space. With 249 liters of storage space in the back it may not be as spacious as other SUVs but it surely satisfies the needs of a medium-size family. It can comfortably fit two large suitcases and two small ones in the trunk area, which makes it just perfect for a road trip. With a decent amount of power and amazing fuel-efficiency features, it may be the most appropriate vehicle in its class for such incursions.

2. Vaccination passport

Although it is hard to remember all the vaccinations that you have, you can do this task easier by having a vaccination passport it can be easier to keep track of all of them. This will come in handy if you travel to more exotic destinations such as South Africa or Asia. This will give you a more accurate idea what type of shots you’ve got, when they were made and for how long are those available.

3. A second bank card

Wallets are a common target of pickpockets, and cards get easily lost this way. If you want to be covered in case of unfortunate events, make sure that you take with you an extra credit card and keep it in a different place than your wallet. You don’t know when it may come in handy.

These are three great things you should never forget about when planning your next vacation. It all begins with a great vehicle for travel, and ends with a backup plan in case of money emergency. Of course, this is not an ideal situation, but better be safe than sorry.