UK waste management companies


Millions of tons of waste are produced in the UK alone, causing both environmental and public health concerns. The good news is that the volumes are starting to decline. The UK is making considerable efforts to meet their obligations under the UE Landfill directive, looking into alternatives to landfills for waste management. The real pressure, however, is on business organizations. Why? Probably because commercial waste represents a high percentage of the waste produced in the UK. It is important for businesses to avoid dissipation and, of course, manage the waste. Equally important is to contract a private waste management company.

The role of UK waste management companies

Waste management refers to the activities and actions having to do with waste, from production to disposal. Such activities are performed by waste carriers with license. It is tempting to think that all waste management companies do is to provide disposal solutions. Well, the fact is that these enterprises play an important role in people’s lives. To be more precise, they ensure the removal of excess and the recycling the material. As a rule, companies of this kind handle general waste and materials such as rubble, soil, paper, metal, and cardboard. It is important to highlight that these are only a few examples.

Speaking of the role of waste carriers, they follow the European Waste Hierarchy. This practically means that they carefully plan their steps. Attempts are made in order to reduce waste generation, yet, ultimately, this is unavoidable. This is when waste management companies proceed to handle the waste materials. As one can imagine, waste carriers develop relationships not only with the private sector. No, they form partnerships with the government and local communities.

Identifying reliable UK waste management companies

There are many waste management companies in the UK. The Skip Company is one such example. The task of choosing one difficult. When there are numerous options, it is not simple to determine which one is the best. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Therefore, what do businesses need to take into consideration? When looking into waste carriers, it is essential to take into account the following factors:

  • Wastes that are accepted: The vast majority of businesses neglect the fact that waste management companies collect certain items. It is necessary to verify what types of trash the company accepts. The organisation may not be able to meet the demands of the customer.
  • Reputation: A waste carrier must have a good reputation for arranging the collection of waste items in the UK. Consumers need to care about the reputation of the company because they do not want difficulties in the waste management process.
  • Licensing: Businesses need to check whether the waste management company they are thinking about hiring has the necessary licensing. The reason why this is important is that there are legal implications for the business’ excess. The fact is that the waste carriers should be registered by the Environment Agency.
  • Technical experience: The more experience that the company has, the better. Organisations with experience have an effective and efficient waste management process.