What are the requirements for a Virginia class C license?

The law requires businesses to obtain a contractor license in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of the public. Any business or individual providing construction related services in Virginia is required to get a contractor license irrespective of their specialty. Those offering independent services need to get both a contractor and a tradesman license to ensure they are not offering illegal service. Fortunately, you can obtain the class C license in Virginia quickly after you complete the Virginia class C contractor exam preparation course, so it does not take long to become licensed, not to mention that inside a company only the Qualified Individual is required to take the course and pass the exam, not all the employees. You can choose between three classes of licenses, depending on the size and monetary value of the projects you plan to contract. Class A licenses do not have any monetary restrictions, while Class B and C are not allowed to exceed certain limits.


What requirements should the QI (Qualified Individual) meet?


The Qualified Individual is an employee designated from your company to take the license education course and exam. The results will affect the company, so choosing the right candidate is important. Besides the fact that your designated QI needs to be able to pass the license test, he/she will also need to be at least 18 years old, have at least two years of experience working in the specialty and is a bona fide full-time employee or a member of the responsible management having already obtained certification for certain specialties.


Proof required from the firm


The firm that wishes to obtain class C contractor license in Virginia must prove that they have performed legal, outstanding services, paid all taxes and bonds in the last five years of operation. Not only the firm, but also qualified individuals are required to submit information on past-due debts and judgments on bonds. The firm, QI and members of the management are obliged to disclose current or past contractor licenses. What is more, the company will also need to disclose all misdemeanor convictions within three years and felony convictions of its employees.


The importance of completing the contractor exam preparation course


The Virginia Class C contractor exam preparation course is mandatory for at least one of the members of the responsible management. The board approved basic business course needs to be completed successfully for a firm to be able to apply for a license, irrespective of the class or specialty. The eight hour pre-license course can be taken at any of the approved providers. Make sure you check with the Board of Contractors to ensure that you pay for the right type of courses, because proof of successful competition is required. The employee or employees taking the license test can also opt for more license education courses to ensure that they will pass the exam the first try.