What to consider when choosing a pallet racking system

Warehouse pallet racking is a necessary investment for companies who have large stock inventory and that have concerns regarding storage. This storage aid provides several benefits, such as allowing your business to make use of vertical space and making it possible to access products whenever necessary. However, manufacturers design storage systems that have different characteristics and specifications, meaning that there is a broad range of pallet racking systems to choose from. When making your purchase, you should give pallet racks a lot of thought and consideration. What you need to do is make sure the storage aid matches your particular requirements. Following are some pointers that will help you make the right decision.

Type of business

The fact is that inventory and supplies change together with the seasons. This means that some items may remain in storage for a couple of months, while others have to be restocked on a daily basis. If the product move in and out in a rapid succession and you need to access the products at all times, you should opt for a storage aid that is flexible and adaptable. In addition to this, you need to consider the type of products that you have, meaning if they are uniform in size and shape. Even if the dimensions differ, there are pallet racks that are flexible enough to adapt to different uses and stock movement speed.

Do forklifts have access?

When choosing a storage solution, it is important to think about forklift access. You will have to ask yourself many questions before employing a system. Will people be able to move around the pallet racks? Will the customers be allowed access to the storage area? The pallet racking system should provide enough room for the forklifts to move around, meaning allowing them to perform the activity of loading and unloading. For this purpose, you will need a drive-in system, or double-deep racks. It is also vital to take into consideration the type of forklift that you are currently using. For example, narrow forklifts may require narrow aisle racking. This type of racking is designed so as to maximise the use of space and to allow trucks to operate within the aisles.

Lighting is important too

Many business owners fail to take into consideration the lighting when they select a storage aid for their warehouse. The idea is not that you should adapt the storage solution according to the lighting, but that you examine the existing lighting. Electrical lighting is one of the most expensive elements of a warehouse. So, once the installation is complete, you might have to change it due to the racking position. If your budget does not allow you to change the existing lighting, then you should find be careful when choosing the pallet racking system. Ideally, the lighting system should be installed together with the racks. Thus, the two can be connected to work from the very beginning.

The points presented above are vital for making an appropriate selection. Owing ot the fact that there is a broad range of racking systems available for industrial application, you can surely find something for the needs of your business.