What you should know about office carpet cleaning

What you should know about office carpet cleaning

It is easy to forget about the carpet in your office, the one that everyone steps on hundreds of times on a daily basis. However, carpets can gather dust and germs and it would be very unhealthy not to clean it regularly. Here is everything you need to know about office carpet cleaning:

How often should the carpet be cleaned?

This depends on the type of business you own and how much traffic there is around your office. Usually, hiring a professional company for deep cleaning services once every 6 months is enough if you have someone employed full time to vacuum it regularly. There are special carpet cleaning products at suppliers such as http://www.thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk/carpet-cleaning-supplies-206-c.asp, where you can find everything your cleaners need to make sure the carpets in your office building are spotless and you don’t have any problems with dust or allergens. Even though the carpet might not seem that dirty, the fact is carpets can gather allergens, winter salt from parking lots, fine dirt, residual oils from car exhaust and any other element that can be usually found outside, especially those in large office buildings where there is always intense traffic.


What are the facilities that need professional carpet cleaning services more often?

While a regular office building can afford to have its carpets cleaned only once every 6 months, day-care facilities, restaurants, retail stores and medical facilities should have it cleaned considerably more often, perhaps even monthly, as their carpets run the risk of gathering more dirt and germs than a regular office with a few employees. One effective way to reduce the frequency you have to hire professional cleaning services would be to place protective floor mats around locations that have high-traffic or at the entrance of every building. These mats actually catch most of the dirt and thus prevent the carpets from getting dirty too fast.


Are cleaning products important?

Sure they are, especially if you want to prologue the life of the carpet as much as possible. Fortunately, there are many professional suppliers that offer anyone the chance to purchase high quality products at excellent rates and maintain their carpets without any problems. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to make sure all goods inside your office last as long as possible and with the help of qualitative cleaning products you can always count on the fact that your carpets will last for a long time. Also make sure you hire cleaning professionals that use eco-friendly products, to avoid any problems with allergies caused by cleaning chemicals or simply to maintain the carpets and not have to replace them before their time.


This is what you should know about office carpet cleaning. Even though it can be easy to forget about the carpets among the numerous responsibilities and tasks you have to worry about when you are at the office, still this is something that you should always take care of, in order to avoid any health problems among your employees and customers.