When should you offer promotional products to your customers?

If there is something business owners should know is that clients simply love freebies. But, they love even more the companies that offer them promotional products. So if you run a business you should consider offering people giveaways, because they can boost your sales if you create an effective strategy. The power of promotional products goes deep, because clients get free products and they respond in an unconscious way by buying your products and services. But this does not mean that you should offer promotional mugs and other freebies all year long. There are certain moments when it is advisable to use these products to attract more clients. You will see that in time you will be rewarded for your generosity.

When you launch a new product or service

When you organise an event to tell the world about your new product or service, you have two possibilities. You either offer them a sample of the product you bring on the market, or you offer them a promotional product representative for your company. It is important every one of the promotional products to be accompanied by a message relevant for the buyer, to help them understand why you are better than your competitors, and what they would get if they would choose you.

When you celebrate an anniversary

When you celebrate your business anniversary, you can reward your loyal customers by offering them promotional products. You can check online for offers and decide which one of them are relevant for your products and services. You can send the products to your clients address or you can plan an event and ask them to come and join you to the celebration. No matter what your choice would be, they would find amazing that you are grateful and that you offered them a gift. And when they see that you are willing to offer them freebies they will feel obligated to buy more. You can offer them promotional products accompanied by a catalogue with your new products and services.

During holidays

During holidays, the majority of companies offer great discounts for their products and services. So you have multiple options. One of them would be to offer promotional products as gifts when a client purchases from a certain sum. Also, you can offer them as gifts for a certain number of clients, or to the ones who purchase a certain product. You can pair different offers with promotional products if you want to get maximum marketing. Make sure that you vary the offerings from season to season, because people like diversity and you should always surprise them. If during the winter holidays, you decided to offer promotional products when your clients bought a certain product, for Easter you can offer them promotional items when they buy from a certain sum, or to the first 100 customers. The clients will perceive promotional products as getting more than a simple discount for your products and services, they will get even something free. In this way, they will be tempted to spend more.