Why every start-up needs a good PR agency

Even though there may be many people who think a start-up company does not need a PR agency because it simply cannot afford the expenses, the fact is that in this highly competitive environment, every bit of help is important and someone experienced in PR could really make a massive difference. Startup PR agency specialists will make sure your company survives the initial challenges and be successful:

PR specialists will keep your expectations realistic

It is understandable why all people are enthusiastic about their new company and they are eager to try as many things as possible and do all kinds of investments that might not be so great when looking closely. Having a PR agency on your side will temper some of that enthusiasm and offer you a more realistic perspective. You may not like the fact that your company is not still ready to be heavily advertised, but it will get there with a little patience and commitment from your part. You need to make your brand valuable and invest in the right type of advertising in order to recover your costs and obtain the expected results.


They have experience in working with reporters

As with any other line of work, some reporters are better than others and the right agency will know which one is best for your company. Rather than choosing whomever the newsagency sends, the PR agent will discuss directly with someone who will do a great job and who can cover your business perfectly. This is extremely important in the beginning of your business, because this is when people start to find out about you and the overall image of your company and brand gets formed.


They bring a higher value than an internal employee

You might think that hiring someone in your company to handle everything press related will be cheaper than working with a specialised agency, but if you factor in all expenses with hiring a new person, you will soon discover that it is much more advantageous to work with a good PR firm. In addition, when you work with a firm, you have the certainty that you are receiving quality services from someone with experience, but you will definitely not afford to pay a full time salary to someone with the same experience in your own company. Moreover, if you hire only one individual, you will only get his perspective, whereas if you hire an entire agency, you will have a team of creative people working at your campaign.